Champagne Alexandre Bonnet

Champagne Alexandre Bonnet is the first HVE certified (2015) producer in Les Riceys (Aube sector of Champagne) with 47 ha, 29 plots on marls and clays from the Kimmeridgien. One can notice the plural form Les Riceys which nowadays stands for the union of the three former villages: Ricey Haut, Ricey Bas and Ricey haute Rive. Les Ricey has another three- fold identity: it is the only village in Champagne that can produce three PDOs – Champagne, Coteaux Champenois and Rosé de Riceys. The slogan they promote: “Son of Burgundy, brother of Champagne” explains this tri- dimensional profile. As the 3 Riceys were to be united after the French Revolution in 1790, part of the inhabitants was pending to Burgundy while the others were more in favor of a Champagne identity. They eventually preserved both identities and added a unique specialty which is the Rosé de Riceys.  Cellar master Alain Pailley succeeded to Serge Bonnet in 1985. Serge, together with René and Alain are the founders of Domain Alexandre Bonnet in the 70s.  

The wines source their energy from the largest Champagne “cru” (meaning village) as Les Riceys comprises 844 designated hectares. It also has some of the steepest slopes in Champagne. To tame its Kimmeridgien vein and temper the dosages, wines undergo complete malo- lactic conversion. It is also noticeable that the Burgundian parentage is clearly affirmed by naming the single vineyards on the labels. 

Blanc de Noir 2017 no reserve wines, but not declared as a vintage. 6 g/l, 2018 tirage, Oct 2021 disgorgement

Pearly pink, pristine nose of cranberries entwined with blossomy scents. Dry, structured by its high and vivid acidity, the palate is sapid and textured with tiny tonic bubbles bursting with red fruit while offering balanced phenolics, a spicy splash and salivating finish. The white spirit of the Riceys preserving its unique parentage.

Rosé Clonal and mass selection Pinot Noir with a mix of Burgundy, Champagne, and estate plants, 2018 base, 6 g/l, June 2021disgorgement

Bloomy, with crunchy raspberry and peppery notes. Dry but mild attack, with vivid acidity and tonic bubbles, juicy core of fruit and spices, offering anise and cranberries. Its silky phenolic structure is wrapped with delicious fruitiness, while the finish is long sapid, with refreshing, salivating character. A true gateway for the Riceys universe.

Rosé de seignée La Forêt 2015 36h maceration, 5g/l, 6 years on the lees

“Œil de perdrix” colour, with deep stony nose offering a lovely mix of cherries and spices with balsamic, minty hints. Dry and vibrant palate wrapped with generous texture, with ripe acidity and gentle phenolics, its creamy bubbles burst with layers of red fruits, blossoms, bergamot peel, while herbal glints and fresh almond linger on the long finish. A true Riceys Rosé made bubbly!

Blanc de Blancs 2017 Pinot Blanc Vrai and Chardonnay 50- 50% with different pruning styles, 5g/l, 3,5 years on the lees, disgorged Oct 2021 

Creamy, displaying exotic pineapple, crunchy pear entwined with white blossoms, this unusual sort of Blanc de Blancs offers a smooth attack, creamy texture and mousse, gentle acidity feeling, though of a high level, with a light peppery phenolics, and a zesty finish lingering with pomelo and sumac spice. The underrated Pinot Blanc brings unexpected layers of mouthfeel and fruit to his more “Chablisien” cousin.

“La Géande” 2017, a 7 grapes- blend (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Meunier, Blanc Vrai, Buret, Arbanne, Meslier), 4449 bottles and 50 magnums 

Deep stony nose, with iodine character, offering refreshing citrus and almonds, spices like cardamom, and exotic cedrat – citron fruit. Dry with a true acidity backbone and superb juicy texture, its lovely core is structured by leesy phenolics and highlighted by bitter glints of fresh almonds, citron fruit peel, with hints of candid citrus on the long and sapid, salivating mineral finish. A piece of history with a character of its own.

Coteaux champenois Blanc de Noir 2020 50% Pinot Noir vinified as a Blanc de Noirs in Stainless steel tanks and 50% Chardonnay in Burgundian piece, 9 months on fine lees in the barrel and one year post bottling aging. 

Blossoms and almonds come along with white melliferous blossoms and vine peaches, the palate is dry, crispy with vivid acidity and lean texture, in a very Chablisien way, with long salivating and citrusy finish. Vibrant with mineral flint.