Gramofon Wine – The sound of wine, visit and tasting, August 23, 2022


The sound of wine, with Gramofon Wine. Thank you, Carmen and Alex, for this lovely tasting! Short reminder about this young boutique winery: this is the story of a true friendship of musicien Marcel Pascu and Economic sciences professor Marcel Vulpoi. This is why music and art always intermingle with foxes ?! With 9ha around the old manor in Mocesti and 18ha on the famous Dealu Mare – Tohani growth, the vines were planted in 2009 to put the winery on steam for its first vintage – 2015. The two art lovers – (Marcel& Marcel) not only collaborate with many artists for their labels, but also have an « artist » winemaker – skillful Gabi Lăcureanu. In this realm of reds, Gabi manages to craft balanced white wines like the Chardonnay/ Sauvignon Blanc blend that perfectly hides its 14,7% abv. under refreshing citrus fruit, blossoms and minty twists with a ginger and peppery hint to recall that generous character. Leesy and silky, its flinty finish is long and Sauvignon-ish. Or the Virtuoz Feteascā Regala/ Muscat Ottonel blend with off-dry- ish suavity and lovely aromatics, but lots of crisp! The Feteascā Regala is typical and serious with smoky hints and sun-kissed apples while structured, dense with citron fruit peel-like phenolics and fresh finish.

Gramofon Wine is already a name for Rosé too in the Romanian landscape and not only thanks to Sonorum by Julia SCAVO!

The reds remain the backbone of the range and the style is rich, plushy with wrapping velvety textures and elegant tannins. This is exactly how the Merlot tastes like, while boosted by some refreshing bitter cherry and minty notes. The Feteascā Neagrā Gramofon is jammy and juicy with lots of morello cherries, plums and liquorice, good balance of the structural parameters and concentrated, generous palate with peppery and chocolatey finish.

We tasted the new Sonorum Feteascā Neagrā 2020 that climbs on another level of vibrancy, with tobacco and leather complexity and superb palate lined by fresh acidity and silky mouthfeel, despite 15,5%abv. Dusty tannins and plummy finish with cocoa and liquorice. Long and ’kirschy’.

The icing of the cake – Opus Fabula Maximus 2020 the only wooded wine of the estate. Outstanding Amarone – like profile with lush fruit and firm structure led by amazing acidity and grippy tannins, the deep morello cherry and marasquino fruit is complemented by tonka fava, vanilla, cinnamon, and blond tobacco. The finish is long, ethereal with violet blossoms and cocoa powder. Full of youth and ready for a decade for the least!

Scrumptious treats and gentlemen-farmer atmosphere, it is always a pleasure to rediscover the Gramofon Wine universe! With Bruno Scavo and the kids, moreover!