Romanian Wines of “The Iconic Estate” – Alexandrion Group presented by Julia Scavo DipWSET©

Successfully capitalizing the potential and diversity of the country’s wine regions, with over 250 hectares of vineyards in Dealu Mare and Dobrogea, The Iconic Estate, member of Alexandrion Group has built edge- technology production facilities in Tohani, also owning warehousing facilities in Ploiesti together with Rhein & CIE Azuga 1892 Cellar, Sparkling wine production and Wine Tourism. 

The first Romanian wine producer that has been awarded The Grand Gold Medal at “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles” in 1999 offers nowadays a large selection of multi Awarded wines in various national and international competitions

Focusing mainly on Dealu Mare, located within Dealurile Munteniei (Muntenia’s Hills) wine region, The Iconic Estate fully explores the potential of this “land of red wines”, also crafting incredibly fresh white wines for this warm climate area and elegant sparklings with both Romanian and international grape varieties. 

The typical warm, dry microclimate and the rather long autumns favour a slow and thorough ripening of the grapes during a long vegetation cycle of 210-240 days with rainfall ranging between 508-587,7mm, sunny days and important day-night thermal shift.

The regions soil is divided into two sectors: red clays, marl and reddish sands towards the western part of Dealu Mare – Sarmatian limestones including marine fossils, clays, sandstones and deposits of fine sands alternating with stony fragments of crystalline rocks, lehms and loess towards east.

Tohani is one of the biggest cellars of Dealu Mare region, with a processing capacity of 5000 tones and a storage capacity of 37900 hl, 850 oak barriques.

The Production/Warehousing Facilities in Ploiesti offer underground storage, one bottling line for still wines, one for sparkling wines and a third one for Bag in Box. The temperature controlled finished products warehouse has a capacity of more than one million bottles.

Established in 1892 by Wilhelm Rhein, upon the request of King Carol I, Rhein & CIE Azuga 1892 Cellar contributed to the development of the area. Rhein Cellars is the oldest establishment where sparkling wine has been produced through the traditional method. The remarkable qualities of this sparkling wine have been acknowledged since 1906, when it obtained the highest distinction at “The Romanian General Exhibition”. 

In the cellars built above the ground, with double walls, black mould develops through natural ventilation and humidity, offering interesting conditions for sparkling producing and warehousing. Visitors may fully appreciate the art of producing sparkling wine through cellar touring, wine tasting, food and wine pairing menus and accommodation.

Rhein Extra became the official supplier of the Royal House in 1920 and it was served at King Ferdinand’s from Alba-Iulia coronation ceremony on October 15, 1922. The coronation menu and wine pairing will be implemented as the icing of the cake at the cellar door. 

Rhein Tămâioasa Româneasca Brut Nature 2018 

  • Bottled – fermented by Traditional Method
  • Disgorged Oct-21
  • Alc: 13% Vol. / Total Acidity 6.37 g/l / CO2 pressure -4 atm. 
  • Delicate nose offering an orchard fruit bouquet of pears and apples, complemented by classic herbal fragrances of shiso, a touch of citrus verbena, under an airy floral veil reminiscent of orange blossom. Mild leesy autolysis notes come along. With balanced acidity offering a fresh feeling, the palate is coated by gentle mouthfeel imbued with creamy little bubbles. Framed by pleasant bitter hints of tangerine peel, the wine seduces by its citrusy, herbal flavours intermingled with the lees- derived bready glints and verbena scents on the aftertaste. Perfect as an aperitif, it will pair well with scallops’ carpaccio, shiso and caviar lemon variety. 

Hyperion Exclusive Tămaioasă Românească 2020 PDO Dealu Mare

  • Alc: 13,5% Vol. / Residual Sugars 5.46 / Total Acidity 5.55 g/l 
  • The nose bursts with tropical fruits such as guava and litchi, some aniseed fragrances mingled with confected fruits and herbal Swiss sweets with honey, citrus and a twist of balsamic aromatics. With mild acidity and dense texture, the palate is silky, supporting the freshness and structuring the wine with slightly bitter zests, reminiscent of tangerine peel. Flavours show pronounced intensity of white flowers and tropical scents. Blossomy and zesty aftertaste for a lengthy wine to drink now or in 2-3 years. Pairs well with Thai cuisine such as Tiger Prawns curry. A perfect match for poached asparagus with tangerine maltaise sauce. 

Hyperion Exclusive Chardonnay 2019 PDO Dealu Mare

  • Ageing: 12 months in oak
  • Alc: 14% Vol. / Residual Sugars 5.32 / Total Acidity 5.02 g/l 
  • Exotic nose displaying rich pineapple notes, a touch of mango and kiwi, with nutty toast on a light creamy background complemented by oriental spices. Ripe and large palate with soft mouthfeel balanced by its fresh acidity, the whole architecture is centered on the oak- derived, structured bite. Generous and long, the finish lingers with hazelnuts and cream, spiced up with oriental scents.  Already settled, it will pair with slow cooked Guinea fowl with almond butter under the skin and root vegetables. Can drink over the next 3-5 years. 

Hyperion Exclusive Fetească Neagră Rosé 2020 PDO Dealu Mare

  • Alc: 14% Vol. / Residual Sugars 2.34 / Total Acidity 5.55 g/l 
  • Of a moderate pink rose petal colour, the nose is intense with fleshy pomegranate, strawberry and cherry spiced up by some cherry pit and a touch of tropical guava, on a peony background. Its fresh acidity cuts through the silky texture nicely framed by its mild structure. The palate is spiced up with some pink pepper, showing an intense core of cherry, pomegranate. Finish is punchy with fresh almonds offering a pleasant bitter touch, some pink grapefruit, and spices. Long, a very good gastronomy rosé to enjoy youthful or over the next 1-2 years.  Excellent choice for a duck breast tartare with pomegranate and cranberries. 

Hyperion Exclusive Fetească Neagră 2016 PDO Dealu Mare

  • Alc: 14,5% Vol. / Residual Sugars 4.02 / Total Acidity 5.55 g/l / Ageing: 16 months in oak
  • Airy, ethereal nose with seductive blossomy character displaying violet flowers, its fruit is ripe and fresh ranging from cherries to blackcurrants.  Both varietal and oak- derived spices come along together with a hint of toast on the minty, eucalyptus background. Fine and complex, its juicy palate is wrapped by a silky texture, with salivating acidity and fine- grained elevated tannins. Its youthful firm bite is coated by layers of weight brought by a generous character. The flavours are lifted by spiciness, with glints of cinnamon, cloves, liquorice. Depth and concertation, voluptuous mouthfeel imbued with dark chocolate and toast that linger on the long finish. A remarkable Feteasca Neagra that needs 3-4 years to temper its youth and prepare for a long decade

Hyperion Exclusive Chairman´s Reserve 2013 PDO Dealu Mare

  • Blend: 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Feteasca Neagra, 20% Merlot
  • Limited batch: 5,800 bottles / Ageing: 36 months / more than 18 months aging in new French barrels
  • Alc:13,5% Vol. / Residual Sugars 4.02 / Total Acidity 6.66 g/l
  • Developing nose with mature fruit, candied blackberries, blackcurrant jam, complemented by leather, tobacco, some graphite. Creamy coconut, vanilla, some chocolate come along with oak derived spices and toast. Dry with ripe attack, with fresh and youthful acidity structure, the palate is digest and lean. Tannins are a bit restraint but coated with the silky texture. Fruit development, noble tertiary notes with glints of cocoa and coffee beans, the finish is long mingling spices, desiccated herbs, and pencil lead with a twist of bitter chocolate. Drinks well now and will stay on the curve for 2-3 years from now in. Pairs with pigeon topped with chocolate sauce and celeriac purée.